The real rewards of a powerful brand are all about creating opportunities, communicating your strengths, changing perceptions and opening up new roads.

Are you limited by a brand that doesn’t do you your business justice? Does your brand need a new injection of energy and purpose?

Hello I am Anne, the brand designer at the heart of Phase Two. I believe design has the power to transform how people view your business and how they value what you do.

I work with clients to create, style and produce a powerful vision and brand and help them see their business differently. I’ve spent more than 25 years in the design industry, having studied design before cutting my teeth with some large advertising agencies.

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I have created brand identities for many lovely solopreneurs/ entrepreneurs, medium-sized and start-up businesses. The lessons I’ve learned in my own business help me to understand the challenges my clients face. I support you right from the start, so you feel in good hands and confident that I understand your aspirations. I want you to feel excited, guided and reassured that you have made the right decision working with me.

Clients come to me for a design that has character, feels compelling in their market and is thoughtfully tailor-made for them. Nobody wants to look the same as everyone else. No matter what industry or sector I have worked with (from emerging science and manufacturing companies to florists and cake makers), they all have a strong sense of individuality.

My designs are purposeful and strong, colourful with a distinctive sense of style. They have a boldness that reflects the confidence I have in what I do and reflect the client’s business.

I am lucky to live and work in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, fields, woods and wildlife. It’s a beautiful space and a perfect environment for staying balanced and focused on some great thinking and design.

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