Is it the right time to invest in Branding for your business?

February 12, 2020 Anne

I am often asked by business owners when they should invest in their branding. Good branding sets your business apart from the competition and gives it an edge. It helps to establish you as the expert in your field and builds trust in your business. Your brand should reflect the expectations you want people to have of your business and create feelings and emotions that will be remembered. But when should a company start promoting its brand?

Start at the Beginning

So how can I convince you that your branding matters right from the start? Branding is all about your image and the impression you make. A brand identity will convey your message and vision in its best light right from the very start. It establishes your business as professional and will attract your ideal customers and clients.

A simple logo and some good marketing materials is not a brand. A brand starts with your beliefs and mission for your business – your brand strategy. As a brand designer the visuals I design become your brand identity. This is so important because it shows your business in a positive and consistent way. The right tone of voice and visuals that reflect your business’ values will really resonate with customers and clients. Developing an identity that is interesting and builds confidence in your expertise is incredibly powerful – it makes selling easier and helps you to attract more of the clients you really want.

A brand should reflect what your business stands for and what sets it apart from others – it provides personality. If you consider your branding in the early stages of starting a business – a strong brand will give you a greater chance of success.

Take it to the Next Level

A large proportion of the brands I design are for businesses who over time may have started with a tiny budget and cheap logo. Now that their business has proven to be successful, they’ve outgrown their look and it’s time to invest in branding. At this stage I find that my clients have a far clearer idea of what works for them and I can provide a visual identity that plays to their strengths. Quality branding builds confidence and if you are serious about the longevity of your company, then now is a good time to invest in your branding.

But rebrands are expensive, why take the risk? Simply put, if your brand is out-dated you are limiting the opportunities available for your business to grow. A rebrand could be a change of name, altering your logo, a redesign of all your marketing materials, or simply starting from scratch. You need to really understand the purpose behind the rebrand and what exactly it is you are trying to achieve.

I find that usually clients want to attract larger projects, so their branding needs to satisfy the high expectations of these types of client. Your brand needs to give the right impression in order to sell your products or win new work. A great brand is tailored to suit the long-term goals and aspirations of your business.

I always try to help my clients to understand their brand from the perspective of others. Your target market will gauge your competency for a job based on how they perceive you and your business – so branding really matters.

And Beyond …

Your company is well past its fledgling stage and well-established with a great success rate and strong following. Now is the time to reassess your brand to check it is not dated and see if your brand is still in line with how your business has evolved. Maybe you have surpassed the original objectives you had when you last considered your brand, your market may have changed or you need more substance to your brand – whether you are ushering a new era for your business or enticing a new audience, you should assess your brand to ensure its relevance for the future.

So, is now the Right Time to Invest in Branding?

Branding is a way of making a memorable impression. It provides a way for your customers and clients to recognise and know what to expect from you and sets you apart from your competitors. The right branding establishes a strong relationship between you and your audience. It creates opportunities for your business at every stage whether you are a new start-up or an already established business. Every business needs a strong brand and style that reflects their passion and energy to help them to grow, evolve and seize the opportunities needed to succeed.



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