SEVENUS SWIM SCHOOL brochures and medals
SEVENUS SWIM SCHOOL brochures and medals
1920 px Sevenus broch x 2

Award winning swimming

Laura Sevenus Swim School is a family run business, they provide a caring and nurturing environment to teach both babies and children, and their values and vision is to provide a safe but fun place to explore, to love the water, to respect the water and to overcome any fear and become completely confident in it!

The schools are bright, light and fun, with lots of toys to play with in the pools as well as areas to play once swimming is over.

Phase Two was asked to come up with unique fun ideas for awarding the children when they reached their levels. The ideas had to reflect the feel of the school and encourage the children to keep moving forward… it had to have a happy, fun vibe, be encouraging, and differentiate from the run of the mill swimming certificates and plastic medals.

After presenting various ideas, the award book ideas were progressed. These were designed and produced with bespoke illustrations. The final book was identifiable to each child by adding their photo, this showed through a cut out on the front cover. Sevenus had an established brand and a very distinct fish logo, which we incorporporated within the designs.  At each level achieved, the children received a glitter sticker to add into their books.

The illustrations were inspired by the use of the toys used in the pools as part of the swimming lessons. The result was vibrant and fun keepsake of their swimming achievements for both parents and children.

We also developed environmentally friendly laser cut medals, using the schools fish logo and reused the award book illustrations to make wooden pin badges.


SEVENUS SWIM SCHOOL brochures and medals
SEVENUS SWIM SCHOOL Brochures and medals
SEVENUS SWIM SCHOOL brochures and medals

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