1 1920 px Argonaut logo
1 1920 px Argonaut stationery

Creating a new identity for a company creating a new treatment

Argonaut Therapeutics was founded on pioneering research from the University of Oxford, UK. Its a precision therapeutics company that was established to develop epigenetically-acting drugs which target abnormal arginine methylation in cancer.  Argonaut strives to develop a new class of precision cancer medicines, that will revolutionise the way that disease is detected and treated.

They asked Phase Two to create a new brand and website for their company, for use going forward for a variety of print and digital applications. The identity was devised to represent a series of images that they provided.


1 1920 px Argonaut brochure
1 1920 px Argonaut web
1 1920 px Argonaut dishes

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